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Training Plan 14th June

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Hi all,

A very quiet week this week. Well it is the holiday season and quite a few
people are away.
First a reminder that there will be another training trip to Capernwray on
26th June. Please let me know if you want to be included…as a trainee or
just for fun. We could do with another OWI or an assistant instructor if
anyone is available…please!

*In the pool:*

*Dave C * will do OS2 with Andy walton

*Nigel *will do OS3 with Liz Woolley

*David * will do OS3 with Miles

Paul and John will be coming in to practice skills with hood and gloves

Mick may be coming in to practice with his drysuit

Tony Hinchcliffe may be coming in with Samuel (they bring their own kit)

There’s plenty of room for others to come in and practice too.

* In the room:*

*Steve * will do OT2 with Janet

*Ann* will finish off the theory test with Karl if necessary. ( Apologies
if you passed it all last week, Karl, but I assumed no news was bad news?)

See y’all on Tuesday,


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