Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training Plan 14th January

Waves Shape

Hi all,

I’ve been told that there was a bit of a queue at the cage for equipment last week and that the week we went there in ‘waves’ worked well before. I’m going to include this in my training plans from now on. Essentially, the try-divers and newer trainees will be in the first wave whilst those more familiar with kit (so presumably can kit up faster) in the second wave.

First wave ….aim to get to the cage no earlier than 8.00pm

Alexis with try-diver James Wingrove.
Dave C with Stephen Bradshaw to do OS1
Rob with Tony (OS2) If Will wants practice please can you use him as a demonstrator?

Second wave….aim to get to the cage no earlier than 8.15pm

Mark continue with Ryan and Adam (OS4/5?)
Charles continue with Martin (OS3/4?)
Sammy continue with Colleen (OS3/4?)

Now to the theory lessons

David will do the OD theory test with Selina and Rhys (David, you might be needed to do a bit of snorkelling afterwards if a new starter turns up but she hasn’t confirmed yet).

Chris N will do OT3 with Phil Gibson. Chris, in view of you being away for a few weeks please let me know where Phil is up to poolwise. Thanks.

Nigel will do ST1 with Matt, Ellie and Henry

Ann will do ST2 with Mate and Dominik (and Lee and Dan if they need some revision)

Phew! It’s a busy week again. Please could all trainees remember to bring their Qualification Record Books (QRBs) in EVERY week so that when lessons get finished they get signed off…and recorded on the my training board too. Thanks.

See everyone on Tuesday,


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