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Training Plan 14th December

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Hi all,

Busy again this week but still room for one or two extras in the pool.
Please read to the end as the last point may require a response from

*David * will work with Karl and Mick doing the last bit of OS1 and then go
on to OS2

*Chris* will do the same with Dane

*Steve * will do a try-dive with Mariusz Geszcynski

*Nigel* will do a try-dive with Morgan Cooper

*Charles *will do OS3 with Marie and Rhianna

*Tim * will work with Joanne and Baher on OS5 and recapping other skills

*Rob * will do OT4 with Wayne, Zara, Eva and Will

*Dave C *will do ST6 *in the room *with any sports divers who need this
lesson or want to revise it.

Assuming the Covid guidelines don’t change in the meantime, next week we
will have a bit of a Christmas ‘Do’ in the room to give our instructors and
everyone else a chance to socialise and mingle. As the room will be more
crowded than usual, we will be asking everyone who attends to do a lateral
flow test beforehand – you can get these free from any pharmacy. Dave will
send out more details about this soon.

Lastly, the pool will be available to us on the 28th December and at least
one Equipment Officer is willing to come in if anyone wants to have a dive
between Christmas and New Year. However, we’ll only do this if sufficient
numbers are interested…and there will only be training if some
instructors are available. So that I can make a call on this (and cancel
the pool on that day if we’re not using it) please could you email me back
asap if you are keen to come to the club on the 28th December. Thanks.


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