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Training Plan 13th September.

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Hi all,

A quiet week this week so I’m going to start another round of Sports Diver
theory lessons firstly because I’ve been asked to and secondly because I’m
soon going to start the Advanced Ocean Diver course too. I’ll start with
ST1 this week as it is the introduction to Sports Diver and in a couple of
weeks I’ll start the Advanced OD course with the introduction to that. If
you are interested in either of these courses you should get the training
materials. For those who know they want to do the full SD course I already
have two printed training packs, please get them from me. For those of you
who’d rather start off with the Advanced OD course the training materials
are only available in a digital, downloadable form. These cost £20 and are
available online at:


Should you finish the Advance OD course and wish to continue to the full SD
level, nothing is lost because you can also buy the continuation, online
training materials for this for a further £20.

I’ll be at club this week if you have any questions about these courses.

So, to the training plan this week:

*In the pool:*

*Charles * will look after our second time try-diver, Michael Hirst.

*Chris *will do OS1 with Ben

*David *will do OS4 with Bryan…with Will helping out again?

*Tim * will do a pool sign off with Andy.

Liz and Miles may be wanting to practice skills with hood and gloves if Liz
is well. I hope *Sammy * will be available to help them.

*In the room:*

*Steve* will do OT3 with Steve and Louis

*Nigel * will do ST1 with Finley and anyone else who would like to do it.

I think that’s all folks. See you on Tuesday,


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