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Training Plan 13th June 2017

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Hi all,

Two try-dives this week, Katie and Oliver Rutter (13). Chris N and Ann will do these.

Paul R will do OT2 with Jack F (and Jess too if she’d like to sit in) and then go down to poolside to look at the kit and set up and dismantle a SCUBA.

Tim to recap Nitrox training with Tom W and then go in the pool to do SS1. Tom is preparing for going to Capernwray on the 17th when he hopes to do a Nitrox dive (to get a Nitrox qualification card) and complete SO1 and perhaps SO2. (Adrian, you also need SS1… can you be at club this Tuesday to do it with Tom?…if not we’ll have to find someone else for him to rescue!)

Rob will do drysuit training with Simon in the pool (Dave P did the theory with him last week…he has a shoulder dump on his drysuit).

Dave C will continue working with Jake…not sure if that’s OT4 or OT5.

Chris B will help Will (and possibly Hannah too) to practice AAS and CBL in preparation for going to Capernwray on the 17th. If Hannah isn’t there, they will need someone to be a ‘body’. Sammy, could you do this as well as be photographer please?

I think that’s all, apologies to Sammy and Paul M as they are missing out this week because we’re a bit short of instructors; you’ll be top of the list next week. The training plan is early because we’re off tomorrow on the trip to Eyemouth (Yay!) Cathedral Rock here we come!

See you all on Tuesday,


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