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Training plan 13th Feb 2018

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Hi all,

A fairly quiet week with a lot of trainees either injured or working away so I thought it’s a good time to start getting all you Sports Diver trainees doing some revision so we can get some exams done whilst the pool closure is happening. Thus, please could Rob come prepared to revise ST4 (that’s all the tables stuff) or ST5 (that’s breathing gas planning). PLEASE, all you SD trainees…Mike, Amy, Sonny, Elliot, Cameron, don’t make Rob prepare and turn up for nothing…come along and make use of the revision time.

We do have two try dives, Ann and David P will do those.

Tim will do drysuit theory with Daniel (Rob, could you please bring your spare drysuit in for Daniel to try as it may be the best fit). (Dave C, would you like to shadow this? I can ask Tim to start a bit later if you want).

Chris N will do SS1 in the pool with Will and Alastair.

Paul R will be in the pool with Debbie, hopefully to get the sign off done.

I hope that covers everyone. Please remember that next week (20th) is likely to be our last with access to the pool for 4 weeks. So, if you need an instructor to get anything done in the pool please let me know asap so I can include it in next week’s plan. During our ‘dry’ time we’ll have lots going in with presentations, skill development courses and theory training/exams to get everyone ready for open water training. The committee will publicise the programme on the website and through emails….watch this space!


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