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Training plan 12th July

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Hi all,

In the room this week Rob will be bringing in and talking about some basic
items of kit for the benefit of trainees and new divers. So if you want
some hints and tips on what to get and what not to get when you start
spending your hard earned cash on dive kit, come along!

In the pool:

Tim will be doing a refresher with Ali

David will work with Liz on OS4 and

Chris will work with Miles on OS4

Jo and Rhiana will be coming in to practice so perhaps they could assist
the training by being ‘ casualties’ for Liz and Miles to rescue?

There’s plenty of room in the pool if others want to go in for a dip.

In the room:

Steve will do the Sports Diver theory exam with Steve Gwilliam and Anya

Ann will do OT1 with Bryan.

I think that’s everyone covered. There’s a lot of people on holidays at the
moment and I think I’ve got a handle on who’s here and who’s not but if
I’ve missed you out please let me know and I’ll sort it out before Tuesday.


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