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Training plan 11th October

Waves Shape
–Greetings from sunny Egypt!

We’re having a bonza time here at Roots Camp. The diving has been fab
(including a turtle today..YAY!) and the staff as helpful and friendly as

However, before I make you all totally jealous I’ll get on with the
training plan.

*In the pool:*

*Tim* will do a refresher with Carole Mullins and Steve Wood. Both are
PADI divers who have done a lot of diving in the past but, having not dived
for 5 years they feel both they and their kit might be a bit rusty. They
will bring their own kit to test but will need tanks and weights. I’ve
asked them to arrive at 7.30 please look out for them.

*Charles* will do OS1 with Michael (snorkeling already done)

*Chris *will continue to crossover Daniel by doing OS5 with him. (Perhaps
Bryan would like to join in here to practice CBL?)

*In the room:*

*Steve* will do OT1 with James

*Alexis *will do OT3 with Ben

*Nigel *will do OT4 with Louis

Lastly, for those of you who have put your names down for the open water
session at Capernwray next Sunday(16th) I am still waiting for replies from
instructors so that I can finalise the plan (there may be replies waiting
in my inbox as I’ve not looked at it for a while). Once it’s sorted, I’ll
send out a short briefing tomorrow or Monday so that those going can get
kit from the cage on Tuesday.

See you all soon,


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