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Training Plan 11th April 2017

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Hi all,

Well! What a great day we had at 8 Acre Lake today. Such beautiful weather!! Well done to Sonny, Hannah and Will for completing their drysuit training and OS1.

This week Alexis will be giving his presentation on ‘A physio’s guide to injury prevention for divers’, so I suggest that training doesn’t start ‘til after he has finished, probably 8– 8.10 pm.

With apologies to the cage monkeys I have booked in 5 try-dives this week(!) Please could Tim, Dave P, Steve, Rob and Chris N do these. I will undertake to watch out during the presentation for the try-divers at the door and will do the paperwork/chat at the back of the room or on the balcony…unless any other instructor would like to do it. Also, please could one or two of the instructors bring in their own kit to ease the cage equipment demand…in case there are other members who also want to go in the pool.

After the presentation, could Chris B do ST5 (or 6…not sure) with Kelly and anyone else who wants revision.

Also after the presentation, Stan and Paul M are going to have a go at the Ocean Diver theory paper. Dave C and I will watch over them.

And that’s about it! Following this Tuesday Trevor and I will be away for 2 weeks and before I go I’d like to finalise plans for the trip to Capernwray on 22nd and 23rd April, as far as I can. So, if you haven’t yet told me you want to come, as a trainee or just for a couple of pleasure dives, please do so either on Tuesday or to me on an email by the end of the week. Thanks.


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