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Training plan 10th July

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Hi all, an early training plan it’s week as I’m away for a long weekend to the even sunnier south coast…not to dive,sadly but I will get a dip in the sea….preparation for the Farnes!

No try-dives this week so….Rob will continue with Matt and Ellie. Start on OT5 and/or finish off pool work. Aim for a pool sign off next week.

David will continue with Angelina. Suggest half of OT1 and possibly some pool work.
Paul will be doing dry navigation practice with Elliot in preparation for open water on the 11th.

Chris will finish off OT5 with Callum and Josh. You two are now pool signed off which means you can go in the pool without an instructor and practice your skills…and that applies to all OD trainees signed off.
Our try-diver from last week may turn up to get started…he seemed very keen. If so I will do an introductory lesson and watch over his swim test. If Dave C is available he could get the snorkelling bit of OS1 done…we’ll have to play that by ear assuming Luke turns up.

If you are doing either of the open water trips this week (11th or the 15th ) don’t forget to come in to get kit. Hiring our scuba for the day is now cheaper than Capernwray. ..although you will still have to hire suits from there. We also need to sort out travel arrangements for the 15th so we will have a quick briefing meeting on Tuesday…please be there or let me know your plans in advance.

I think that’s all. Off to Hayling Island!


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