Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Sunny day at 8 Acre Lake

Waves Shape

Alastair, Adrian and I had a lovely couple of dives at 8 Acre Lake.  The weather was warm and sunny and the water was not too cold.  A good thing as Alastair and I were in semi-drys. Vis was prettty good  several metres or in my way of noting it 3 people lengths!  We found just about everything we went looking for and didn’t get lost though we thought we had at one point on the second dive!  Adrian’s floaty feet float no more courtesy of ankle weights and Alastair’s SPG had it’s O-rings replaced by the ever helpful Mike in the shop.  BTW there is now a large coffee machine just outside the shop.

Adrian admiring the dragon

Adrian in the Tank

Alastair at the Tank

Surface interval

Alastair and Adrian at the Tank

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