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Scapa Diary – Day 2

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The day-glow orange team bus struck out from Inverness at 8:15 following a swift breakfast aiming to make the 12pm ferry from Scrabster. The chip-fat fuelled team bus and support vehicle negotiated the winding country lanes and arrived at the end of Scotland ahead of time at the ferry terminal.

Dive kit and luggage safely on-board the cargo containers, the team settled into a small corner of the ferry to gorge on stew and dumplings. Despite a choppy crossing, all team members successfully retained their food. The ‘Old Man of Hoy’ was sighted along with the wakes caused by the block ships guarding the entrance to Scapa Flow. And the sun finally came out!

Once on-shore, the dive guide ‘Dougie’ met the team at the Stromness Ferry terminal. The dive gear was duly unloaded into the boat and the remainder of the the kit transferred to accommodation. With the rest of the day to itself, the team headed off in the new blue team bus to the ancient village of Skara Brae for a spot of sight-seeing and exploration.

A fantastic day ended with a visit to the local hostelries with the team full of excitement and anticipation of the diving ahead…

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