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Scapa Diary – Day 1

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At eight ‘o’ clock, the chip-fat fuelled, day-glow orange mini-bus (with no windows!) ┬ádeparted Barnsley on its collection round of assorted divers including: PaulR, MarkR, MarkH, RobM and ChrisH followed by the backup support vehicle driven by WayneH).

The team battled it way through a Yorkshire monsoon to rendezvous with the support vehicle at Scotch Corner. After a quick caffeine fix and toilet break, the team pressed on to Stirling services to re-fuel with food (but not diesel!).

On into the Highlands the team stopped to replenish the day-glow orange mini-bus with the contents of a deep fat fryer complete with chip shop scraps. Then onwards and upwards to the luxury Inverness Premier Inn arriving at 6pm for a well deserved shower, hot meal, beer and bed.

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