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Rescue Skills Refresher Night

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Hi all,

We will be running a series of Rescue Skills Refresher nights over the
course of the summer of which we think everyone who intends diving in the
sea should attend at least one. The first will be held on Thursday July 8th
from 7.30pm at the Metrodome.Unfortunately, due to the ongoing covid
restrictions we will have to limit this to 16 places and priority will be
given to anyone (BBD and DVD) booked on the Farnes Trip so those people,
please let me know by next weekend if you want to be booked in; then I will
know how many spaces I can offer to others.

The evening will be covering three or four skills each at a separate
‘station’ on the upper poolside i.e.out of view of the public.

– AS and CBL and towing in the pool
– DSMB deployment in the pool
– Oxygen administration (just a refresher in the use of the kit for O2
qualified divers)
– CPR and the recovery position

You will be working in groups of 4 going round each ‘station’ in turn on a
timed basis (I’ve yet to work that out 🙄). I need all the O2 people in one
group so please let me know if that applies to you. If you have your own
scuba it would help if you arrive with it already set up and just take it
straight up to the upper poolside where places will be allocated in the
corners. If you need kit from the cage just let me know when you book in.

If you have any queries don’t hesitate to come back to me. I look forward
to hearing from you.


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