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Ponds Forge

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Hi everyone

The final list for Ponds Forge is as follows:

Dave P
Michael Gwilliam
Sam Norton

If you are not on the list and would like to go then please arrive at Ponds Forge for 8:30pm. For people driving you should park in Ponds Forge car park at a cost of £2 and enter through the back door to the diving pool.
The pool is available from 9pm-10pm. Someone from Sheffield bsac should be there to meet you.

Please bring your DSMB and if you have spares, please bring those too as Sheffield branch do not quite have 60 and are planning on releasing 2 DSMB’s each if necessary.

I myself cant attend but the lady in charge of the Sheffield bsac is called Susan and I have informed her of our numbers in attendance. Please also wear your BSAC T-shirts or hoodies 🙂

Have a great time!

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