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Plymouth Aug 2016

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Hi All – The Plymouth trip is back on! Following the cancellation of the May Plymouth trip due to high winds, Mountbatten divers have re-offered the trip for 13/14 August with at least seven places on offer. Please see Scott for details.

This is a great opportunity to dive some of the best coastal waters in the UK with plenty of wrecks and reefs on offer. The diving is suitable for ALL diver grades.

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  • Date 12th – 14nd August 2016
  • Bed & Breakfast, 2 nights stay, 2 dives per day – £160.00


Suggested dives:

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  • Friday (Optional) – Vobster Quay
  • Saturday – James Eagan Lane Wreck & Eddystone Reef
  • Sunday – Glen Strathallen wreck & Shag Rock


Dives might have to change, dependant on the weather. We will fit in an optional dive on the Friday at Vobster. Distance to B&B 300miles, 4.50-5.00hrs trip.

James Egan Layne:

James Eagan Layne is a massive wreck with many things to see. The skipper is likely to drop us off on the bow of the James Eagan Layne, as there is a buoy attached to it. You can easily descend down the line and will hit the top of the bow between 6m and 8m depth. You can drop into any of the holds from the top if you wish to have a quick look around – things to find are pickaxe handles, wheels for tractors and winch gear.

Glen Strathallen

The wreck is in 16m of water between some reef ledges. All that is left of her now is her boiler which is home to Conger, Bib, Wrasse and Pollack, even Octopus. You can just about follow the outline of the hull by tracing the ribs and debris. Do not however let this put you off the dive. For novices and as a shakedown dive it is excellent. The visibility is usually very good, and currents present no problems.


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