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Plan for Tuesday 13th March 2018

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Hi all,

Well, this is the evening you’ve all been waiting for with bated breath!…ok, perhaps not. First of all, please note that Barnsley FC are playing at home against Norwich this week. We wouldn’t expect huge crowds but please allow a little extra time for your journey. We will make sure the evening finishes by 9.30 at the latest so we can get away before the match finishes.

I’ll start my short presentation about our ‘Muck diving’ experience in Bali probably around 7.45pm.

As soon as I have finished Paul T will take the booked group for his talk on regulators. There is one space left on this if anyone would like to join in….Paul might push it to two extra spaces if folks are keen.

Rob will be taking his Advanced Diver exam during the evening with Chris N to look after him.(I have the exam paraphernalia all ready Chris).

As before there will be instructors available for any Sports Divers who need to do some revision and I will bring along exams.

Lastly, please let Trevor know if you want to join in the bowling next week (20th) if you haven’t already done so. Lots of people expressed interest in this and as yet he hasn’t many names. It’s a good opportunity to relax and socialise. Trevor needs to book the lanes tomorrow so this is your last chance! The cost is £6 for two games…no money needed this week, pay on the night.


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