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Oxygen Administration Course

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To repeat part of Trevor’s recent email, on the 1st and 15th of March we
will be running the Oxygen Administration course (in two halves) this course
is open to all club members and is a good way of refreshing your Life
Support skills. Below is a syllabus of what the O2 Administration course
covers and the likely split between the nights. Can you please let me know
if you wish to take this course as I need to get an idea for numbers.
Remember if you wish to gain the formal qualification, you will need to
order the Training Pack from Trevor a.s.a.p.

First night

1. Practical Lesson – Basic Life Support

. Solo rescuer

. Two rescuers

2. Practical Lesson – Use of Pocket Mask

3. Classroom Lesson – Oxygen and Diving Incidents and how they benefit from

. Burst Lung

. Decompression Sickness

. Near drowning

. Shock

. Carbon monoxide poisoning

4. Classroom Lesson – Casualty Assessment

5. Classroom Lesson – Oxygen Administration Equipment

Second night

6. Classroom Lesson – Oxygen Administration in Practice

7. Practical Lesson – Use of Oxygen Administration Equipment

. Assembly

. Administering to a breathing casualty

. Administering to a non-breathing subject with/without cardiac arrest

8. Assessment – Assessment of students’ theory knowledge and practical
ability in oxygen administration.

9. Classroom – Open Forum –

. General discussion of subject, course debriefing

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