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Oxygen administration and Practical Rescue Management – reminder

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Hi All

We would like to run these events over the winter months probably in

I have heard from 5 people (Nigel, Ann, Scott, Tom and Jethro). Is anyone
else out there interested?

They are suitable for any qualified club member to either get the
qualification, do a refresher or simply learn more. Both courses are fun.

People doing Dive Leader who have not done them need to do them officially
to get a whole load of sessions signed off. Anyone else has a choice.

Oxygen Admin (O2) covers DT2 to DT7
Practical Rescue Management (PRM) covers DT9 to DT11

To buy the training packs costs:O2 Admin £25,PRM £34. Plus a charge for
postage for packs and room hire for PRM which we will be able to calculate
once we know how many people need packs and what our options are for room
hire at a nearby dive site.

*Once we know how may people are interested we will decide on locations and

– The O2 course will either be held over 2 Tuesdays at the club on a
Tuesday evening or at my house on a Sat/Sunday – just over half a day.
– The PRM course will need to be at a nearby dive site (Blue Lagoon
probably) it doesn’t involve actually diving (which is why we can use the
Blue Lagoon) but you will need protective clothing as you may get waist
deep! We will need a minimum number of divers for this event to cover the
costs of hiring a classroom.

*Please email me if you are interested.*



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