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Orcatorch Issues

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Hey divers, I’ve been sorting out my kit following a week long trip to Scapa Flow. Whilst there, I noticed my new-ish (only 15 dives) Orcatorch D620 seemed under-powered – it should be 2700 lumens, but it was significantly out-shone by my backup Tovatec Fusion 1500. When I inspected this more closely I discovered that the LED in the torch head of the Orcatorch had melted away!! 😩😢

A quick Google seems to suggest that other divers have experienced similar issues. Hopefully this is just a bad batch?

Anyway, I have submitted a warranty case with the good folk at Orcatorch – fingers crossed they can sort me out with a replacement/repair. I’ll let you all know if this torch is worthy of our club divers…

*** UPDATE 24-June-2021 ***

Well, it has taken just over a week of support emails and WhatsApp messages with Orcatorch to arrange an exchange through the UK distributer Sea & Sea (I have used Sea & Sea support previously on my YS03 strobe – customer service was excellent, and remains so in this instance).

The only issue is that Sea&Sea will only deal with the original vendor (Scubadream), hence the head needs to be exchanged at Scubadream. I’m picking up on 11th July 2021. Once I pick up my new torch head I plan to take photos and videos of the torch head on each and every dive to monitor its life. I’ll continue to report back over this year – watch this space for an extended D620 review!!!

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