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Online Theory Lessons

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Hi all – I do hope everyone is still safe and well. I know some of you will still be working but for others, like me there’s not much to do. That’s why our clubs have decided to offer online theory lessons to anyone who wants to get ahead with the theory part of the course in preparation for the coming diving season which, hopefully, will not be too far in the future.

I propose, in the first instance organising theory lessons starting at 7.30 next Tuesday evening and using Skype as the medium. Four instructors have so far agreed to deliver a lesson (if there are any more able to do so please let me know). Using Skype the instructor will be able to share his or her screen with the recipient so they can both see the usual BSAC PowerPoint presentation and the instructor can talk through each slide and answer any questions that arise. It’s very easy to do once you have made the Skype connection….even I could do it!!

Each instructor could link up with multiple trainees so it should be possible to deliver theory to more than four trainees if I can coordinate the lessons required…but, keeping it simple, it may be only four trainees get a slot, in which case it’ll be first come, first served…so get your request in quick! This offer is open to OD, SD and DL trainees in both clubs.

So, if you’re interested in giving this a go, make sure you have access to Skype and a good internet connection and then let Ann Bailey or Pam Tarn know by Sunday. We are aware which lessons people need so will put together sensible groupings and email out a plan as usual on Sunday evening. The plan will include people’s email address and mobile numbers so you can hook up beforehand to make sure your Skype connection is working.

Assuming this first introductory session works well we may be able to offer lessons at different times in the week which may be good for our younger trainees who could do this, perhaps during an afternoon? We also feel we could offer the OD theory exam online if anyone feels ready to take it. Let me know.

I look forward to hearing from some of you in a day or two.

Keep safe,

Ann Bailey
on behalf of Barnsley BSAC and Dearne Valley Divers

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