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Wave Shape

Update to Training plan for Tuesday 23rd April

Waves Shape

Hi All

A couple of last minute amendments.

There are still places left in the pool for those who wish to practice, just let me know.

In the pool

Donna Nixon – Pool sign off                                Chris Newsam


Aaron Strong – OS2                                            Tim Gledhill


Liam Woodhall

Scott Brewster

Jacob Broomfield – DSMB practice    Sammie Norton

In the room

Paul Hatchman

Anton Johnson

James Barker

Charlie Barker – OD theory test Nigel Kaye


Elaine Fennell – OT4         Ezra Morris


William Ward – OT5 David Patchett


As always please let me know if you can’t make it

Have a great weekend and see you all Tuesday.


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