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Wave Shape

Tuesday 1st August training plan

Waves Shape

Hello All,

Some free places in the pool, if you would like a place, please let me know.

*I am not in this week, away travelling with Work, So please email Ann Bailey & David Hook as well*

*Instructors Not available*

Tim Gledhill
Charles Austin
Sammy Norton
Paul Tarn
Pam Tarn
Clare Pettinger

*Pool Training*

Chris Newsam – Stuart Hatley – repeating & George Dyson = OS5
Dave Corbett – Tom Markey & Jacob Lettice = OS3
Steve Dearman – Ruby Barber = TRyDive
Nigel Kaye Jake Taylor OS1

*Classroom Training*

Ann Bailey – Joel Crossland & Alex Hollingworth = OT2

*Spare (please check you have not been drafted into cover another)*

David Patchett
Gemma Kitchen
Alexis Moreno

*Pool practice*

Pool training Paul Birch Garth

1st August

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