Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training Plan Tuesday 27th Feb 2025

Waves Shape
Sorry the training plan is little late today it required a lot of last minute alterations.  So without further ado
In the Pool
Rebecca Waters – Try dive – Sammy
William Ward – Try dive – Chris Newsam
James and Charlie Barker – OS4   Tim Gledhill
Paul Hatchman and Anton Johnson –  practice – supported by Charles Austin
Donna Nixon – continue OS3 – David Patchett
Christine Finney – Snorkel Training – Dean Netherwood
In the room
Bryan Rutter & Scott Brewster ST4/2 – Nigel Kaye
Aaron Strong – Sign up & OT0 – Ann
Ezra Morris – Sign up- Ann & David Corbett
As always if you can’t make please let me know as soon as possible
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