Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training plan for Tuesday 7th May

Waves Shape

Hi All

Hope you are all enjoying a great Bank Holiday weekend.
You will see from the training plan below that there is a fair amount of amount of space still available in the pool. So for all of you wishing to practice just let me know. Especially for those wanting to go to Capernwray in two weeks it is time to make sure you have your skills honed to a fine art. We don’t want you to waste your time and money by not being well practiced. Especially practice with a hood and gloves.
Anyway on with the plan
In the pool
Elaine Fennell – OS4                                 Ezra Morris
Martin Higgins
Issac Hale –       OS5  Dave Corbett
Paul Hatchman
Tom Markey – Pool practice
In the room
Liam Woodall
Alison Russell
Bryan Rutter
Scott Brewster – ST2 Tim Gledhill
William Ward – OD theory test Ann Bailey
Jarvis Critchley – OT1 David Patchett
Aaron Strong – OT3 Sammie Norton
As always if you can’t make it please let me know
See you all on Tuesday

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