Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training Plan for Tuesday 13th Feb 2024

Waves Shape

Hi All

Well I’ve survived to another week and once again a shout out to all who have helped me put this week’s training plan together.

In the pool

Paul Hatchman & Anton Johnson, Practice – Charles
Mackenzie Batley refresher – Gemma
Liliya Crosswhite Try Dive – Sammie
Xavier Gomes Try Dive – David C
Donna Dixon OS3 – David P
Dan Stephenson Dry suit practice – Chris N

Tom Markey – Pool practice

In the room

Samantha from DVD sign up – Ann, Deborah perhaps you would like to shadow Ann to see how this is done.
Jacob Broomfield, Brian Rutter, Eugenisus Braknys, ST4/2 – Nigel

As always if anyone cant make it please let me know as soon as possible.


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