Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training Plan for 12th March 2024

Waves Shape

Another week comes around with lots of training this week. As always if you can’t attend for any reason please let me know ASAP

In the room

Amy Sanderson
Jacob Broomfield
Eugenics Braknys                  ST5       Dave Corbett

Martin Higgins
Issac Hale
James Barker
Charlie Barker.                       OT6.     Ann Bailey

Aaron Strong
William Ward.                        OT1.      Steve Dearman

Bryan Rutter
Scott Brewster.                      ST4/2.    Nigel Kaye

In the pool

Rich Moore                           Try Dive.        Sammy Norton
Jarvis Critchley                     Try Dive.        Charles Austin

Donna Nixon                        Complete OS3 and start OS4 if possible     David Patchett

Andy Walton
Mick McPhearson.               SS1                Chris Newsam

Flis Sanderson                    Skills review    Tim Gledhill

Paul Hatchman
Anton Johnson.                   OS5                 Paul Tarn

This leaves a couple of places in the pool for those who are pool signed off wanting to practice. Please contact me if would like a place.

As the open water training season approaches we need to start organising the training. To that end I will be sending an email to sports diver trainees tomorrow please look out for it

See you on Tuesday


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