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Training Plan 9th May

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Hi all,

I hope you’re all having a great bonus bank holiday weekend! Before I forget again, congratulations are due to Seth Newsam and Luke Wall for passing their Ocean Diver theory test and Will Rutter for passing the Sports Diver theory test. Well done!!

Another busy week and another new recruit to keep us busy.

*In the pool:*

*Chris *will finish OS4 and go on to OS5 with Jacob B

*Steve *will finish OS2 and go on to OS3 with Stuart

*Rob *will do a skills review with Scott and Steve T

*Sammy *will help Jo with DSMB deployment

*Dean *will do snorkelling practice with Leonie and Jaene

*Charles *will do OS1 with George Dyson once he has signed up.

There will be a bit of space in the pool for anyone wanting some practice..Finley?

*In the Room:*

*David * will do OT2 with Jacob Wardle

*Ann * will sign up George Dyson and then be available for Theory tests…Mick? Louis? Esme? if any of you are ready.

I think that’s all. Please let me know, sooner rather than later, if you can’t make it on Tuesday or if I’ve missed you out.

Have a great bank holiday Monday.


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