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Training Plan 9th August

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Hi all,

We have another sign up this week and Charlotte and her son coming to visit with a view to him learning to scuba dive as a part of his Gold DoE award.Do we have anyone in the club familiar with the requirements for this, I might need some advice/help.

However, to the training plan, *in the pool:*

*Tim * will do OS2 with Bryan

*Sammy * will do a skills refresher/recap with Seth and Elliot Lajarige

*In the room:*

*Ann * will sign up Paul Dunn and do OT0 then pass him to *Chris* for swim test (if there’s room in the lane pool) and snorkeling

*Rob * will do OT4 with Janet and Andy

*David *will do ST2 with Christian and anyone else who needs this lesson or wants to revise it.

And I think that’s everyone covered. As always, let me know if I’ve forgotten you!!


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