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Hi all,

Another quiet evening in the pool but quite a lot of theory. A little message for Rhiana, Zara, Dane and Leonie, I’d like to try to plan how we’re going to get you all into open water. If it’s possible for you to come to the club, we could chat about when you are all available and perhaps work out a plan? Afterwards you could, of course, all go in the pool for a practice if you wanted to.

So, to the training plan,

*In the Pool:*

*Chris * will look after our try-diver Andrew Earnshaw.

*David * will continue OS4 with Miles.

*Nigel * will continue OS4 with Liz.

*In the room:*

*Alexis * will do OT6 with Paul, John and Jaene

*Steve * will do OT3 with Janet and Andy

*Tim * will do ST4 with Anya and anyone else who needs this lesson or would like to refresh it.

*Ann * will do the OD theory test with Karl

Sorry the plan is a bit late but we’ve had a great day at Capernwray. Well done Will, Paul and John on completing OO1 and OO2 and Karl on completing OO3 and OO4… and thanks to the instructing team!


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