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Training Plan 7th February 2023

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Hi all,

We have three try dives this week so starting *in the pool,*
*Charles* will look after James Stubbs
*Steve D* will look after John Brumby
*Nigel *will look after Jacob Wardle

*David *will refresh basic skills with Paul BG

*Tim * will do OS2 with Maddi

I have also invited Deborah Beckley of Ponte SAC to use the pool. She is a qualified OD who wants to practice SD skills and her club’s pool is too shallow. Please make her welcome, I’ll try and find out if she needs kit.

* In the room:*

*Ann *will sign up Scott Brewster who will then go on to do OT0 and snorkeling with *Chris*

*Alexis * will do the first half of ST4 with all the Sports and Advanced Ocean Diver trainees. Please note this will continue the following week and you cannot do the second half if you have missed the first half.

*DC * will do OT5 with James

*Ann * will also be available to do revision and tests with anyone ready to prepare for or do their OD theory test. Possibly Luke, Dan, Michael, SteveT ?

Anya and Helen, if you can please let me know your availabilities for the next month. I’m going to try to organise an Oxygen Admin evening for you and others who may want to refresh. Thanks.

See y’all Tuesday


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