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Training Plan 6th December

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Hi all,

Before I get to the plan, a run down of the club’s timetable over the Christmas and New Year period. We will have a normal club session on next Tuesday (13th) and then on the 20th December we’ll have a bit of a Christmas social… more about that after t’committee has met on Tuesday.

There will, of course be no meeting on the 27th but we will be back in business on the 3rd January.

So, to the plan, *in the pool:*

*Charles *(our try-dive guru who seems to turn every try-dive into a new member) will look after Maddison Martin (Sorry Charles, I’ve probably jinxed you now!) I hope Dave H will be there to do the paperwork.

*Chris *will do the postponed SS1 rescue skills in the pool with Zara, Will, Finley and Mick. If Gemma is available perhaps she could help with this and be a ‘casualty’ for Zara to rescue? If not you might like to ask Sammy or Jo to do this?

*Sammy * will do DSMB deployment with Jo

*In the room:*

*Alexis *will do OT6 with Steve T and Louis

*Dave C * will do OT3 with Michael and James

*Tim * will do ST1 with Esme

*Steve * will do the postponed AOT1 with Paul BG….you can do this on TEAMS if you want to. I’ll email you both with contact details so you can sort this out between you if you decide to.

There will also be a committee meeting going on, probably on the balcony. I’m not going to be there this Tuesday so I hope all goes well but please, let me know by tomorrow evening if any of you have a problem with the plan so that I can sort it out in time.


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