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Training Plan 5th April

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Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who’s replied about the open water weekends. I haven’t replied to everyone individually, sorry, please rest assured I’ve noted everyone down. So far, for the SD weekend I have 2, possibly 3 instructors, 4 qualified divers coming for fun/support, one happy to come as non-diving shore cover and only 1, possibly 2 sports diver trainees….are there any more SD trainees who want to join in here? Please let me know as soon as possible. Most people want to do the Sunday (24th) so that’s a definite. Only one SD trainee can do both days so, unless others come forward I suspect the instructors will choose to just do the Sunday too….but that is their decision.

*In the Pool:*

This week *Rob* will do the last session of Sports Diver SS1 rescue skills in the pool with* Finley* and *Christian. *My records show that Humphrey and Anya still need this lesson too. If either are available this week they could join in.

*Alexis * will do OS4 with *Mick*

*Chris * will be available to do a skills review with any combination
of *Joanne, Dane, Rhiana, Mihai, Zara and Wayne *and introduce doing skills with hood and gloves in preparation for open water. This needs loads of practice! I know Mihai is definitely coming along, please could the rest of you let me know if you intend coming along. If there’s too many of you I’ll sort out another instructor to help Chris.

*In the room:*

*Tim * will do drysuit theory this week with *Will, Devin, Steve B, Tony and Iain…*and anyone else who wants to join in. If any of the trainees have their own drysuit please bring it in. I will bring one or two which might fit someone, please could* Adrian* bring in the club one(s) too. If there’s anyone else (especially a smallish person) who has a drysuit they may be happy to loan out just for pool training, please could they bring that in too.

*David *will do OT3 with *Paul, John and Jaene*

*Ann * will do OT5 with *Karl*

And I think that covers everyone. I’m Covid free so I’ll see y’all on Tuesday.


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