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Training Plan 4th October

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Hi all,

Wow! October already! So, the last couple of open water sessions are booked for the 16th and 30th of October.. We may have limited availability depending on how many instructors we have. So it’s genuinely a case of
first come first served. If you want to be included in either of these sessions please let me know asap and tell me what lessons you want to achieve or if you just want to come for experience or pleasure dives.

So, to this week’s training plan:

*In the room:*

*Dean *will be signing up Daniel Deacey and James Priestley and then taking James (and possibly Daniel) in the pool for snorkeling

*Alexis* will do OT1 with Michael Hirst

*Dave C * will do OT6 with Bryan

*Steve *will do ST1 with Zara, Will, Finley and any others who want to start SD training to complete it over the winter months.

*Paul T * will be doing a DL refresher with Adrian and Mick

*In the pool:*

*Chris * will do OS4 with Ben and Louis

*Rob * will do an assessment and start crossover with Paul Birch-Garth

There will be plenty of room in the pool for any pool-signed-off trainees (..Andy) or qualified divers to get in and practice their skills. Just let Adrian know you’re coming so he can get kit ready for you.

As I’m away for two weeks I’d very much appreciate feedback from the instructors about progress this week and availability for next week, to help me with putting together a training plan for next week. Many thanks in anticipation.


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