Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training Plan 30th August

Waves Shape

Hi all,

A lot of theory this week and very little in the pool so this is an ideal week for anyone who needs practice in preparation for open water to get in and *practice*!

*In the Room:*

*David * will do drysuit theory with Liam (please could Adrian and Rob bring in any drysuits we have so that Liam can try on and see if any fit him, thanks)

*Steve *will do OT6 with Liz and Miles

*Alexis* will do OT2 with Steve and Louis

*Ann *will do OT4 with Bryan

*Rob* will do the Ocean Diver theory test with Paul and John (I’ll bring all the paperwork in if you’d like, Rob, let me know)

*In the pool:*

*Charles and Nigel * will look after our two try-divers Saskia and Harry

In addition I know Jo wants to be in the pool and I expect Will will be there too.

As I said earlier, there’s plenty of room for others, just let Adrian know so he can have kit ready for you.

As always, I think that’s everyone but if I’ve missed you out when you should be in, just let me know. See y’all on Tuesday,


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