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Wave Shape

Training plan 2nd Jan 2024 and a look forward

Waves Shape

Hello and a Happy New Year

Starting from this coming Tuesday, each week the club will look to put on either a presentation or a training session.

This week Ann and Trevor have stepped up to the plate to hold a presentation on their trip to the Maldives a couple of months ago. For all those not training but thinking on going on a trip, but not just the Maldives will find this usefull.

In addition, those that may want to just practice putting their kit together we will hold a week session by the pool on this.

Our annual AGM will be on the 30th (no training) we would really like to see as many people there as possible.

Sports Diver Training.

We have a few people starting Sports diving training and if there are others that would like to start the lessons please come and see Ann or myself.

Coming up in the next few months will be

  1. Talk from Rob Mason – newly qualified divers
  2. Talk from Paul Tarn – service dive
  3. Training with Alexis (more details to follow)
  4. Diving from a boat and what to expect
  5. Shore diving and what to expect
  6. Talk from Pam Tarn – Deep diving – Truk Lagoon!!

Pool Lesson

Chris Newsam – Martin Higgins & Isaac Higgins = OS4
Dave Corbett – Paul Hatchman & Anton Johnson = Visit all basic skills Before completing OS5
David Patchett – Adam Gill (jnr) = Pool Sign Off
Charles Austin – James Barker & Charlie Barker = OS3

Classroom Lesson

Tim Gledhill – Amy Sanderson, Jo Evershed, Jacob Broomfield = Sports Diver ST2
Sammy Norton – Jake Taylor = OT6
Ann Bailey Presentation on Maldives

Not Available
Steve Dearman
Nigel Kaye
Gemma Kitchen
Alexis Moreno
Paul Tarn
Pam Tarn
Clare Pettinger


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