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Training plan 26th July

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Hi all,

A short but sweet training plan again this week. For all those going to Capernwray on Sunday remember, if you want to hire your scuba from the cage you must pick it up on Tuesday. If you’re not planning to go in the pool please aim to arrive at the cage no earlier than about 8.30 to collect.

*In the pool:*
*Chris *will look after our try-diver Stephen Taylor

*David* will do OS3 with Andy

*Tim *will do OS1 with Bryan (Bryan has done the snorkeling, Tim)

I know Jo and Rhiana are coming in to practice with hood and gloves. There is plenty more space if anyone else wants pool access.

*In the room:*

*Rob *will do ST5 with Alexander and Christian and any one else who would like to revise this.

*Alexis *will do OT5 with Liz and Miles.

I’ll be there on Tuesday if anyone has any questions about Capernwray but for now I think that’s it.


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