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Training Plan 24th January

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Hi all,

Please don’t forget the club AGM next week (31st January) and make it a priority to come and support the club. We really need to know our member’s thoughts and opinions about how the club is run and what people would like to happen in the coming year. Please come along, voice your opinions and exercise your right to vote on the decisions that need to be taken. All members are welcome.

So, to this week, *in the pool:*

*Charles, Sammy and Gemma * will look after try-divers Steve Devoy and his son Lleyton and Scott Brewster.

*David * will do OS4 with James, Bryan can assist for practice

*Chris * will do OS5 with Michael, Steve T can assist for practice

*In the room:*

*Rob *will be running his first Diver Workshop for newly and nearly qualified divers. The session will include a look at personal development plans in preparation for the new diving season, at buying kit and what to expect when you book on to a trip. It will help Rob if you let him know you want to attend, email rob@acasta.co.uk.

*Alexis * will do OT1 with Maddi

*Pam * will do DT2 with Anya and Helen.

*Ann * will sign up Luke Wall and will be available for OD theory revision

I have not included a SD or AOD lesson this week as some of these trainees might be interested in attending Rob’s workshop. However, please note I intend including ST4 over the first 2 weeks in February so please pencil these dates into your diary as it is essential not to miss the first week to progress onto the second half.

See y’all Tuesday,


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