Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training plan 23rd April 2024

Waves Shape
Good morning all
Another busy week both in the pool and in the room. So without further ado
In the pool
Donna Nixon – Pool sign off                                Chris Newsam
Aaron Strong – OS2                                            Gemma Kitchen
Martin Higgins
Issac Hale – OS5    Tim Gledhill
Liam Woodhall
Scott Brewster
Jacob Broomfield – DSMB practice    Sammie Norton
In the room
Paul Hatchman
Anton Johnson
James Barker
Charlie Barker – OD theory test Nigel Kaye
Elaine Fennell – OT4         Ezra Morris
William Ward – OT5 David Patchett
As always please let me know if you can’t make it
Have a great weekend and see you all Tuesday.
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