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Training Plan 22nd March

Waves Shape

Hi all,

I’ve just checked with the Metrodome and I’m told the dive pool is up and running again so it’s all in the pool this week!

I’m concentrating on the Ocean Divers this week but next week I’d like to continue with the Sports Diver rescue skills lessons perhaps with two groups of four. SD trainees please let me know if you can’t make 29th March in the pool.

Following that, on the 5th April I want to plan in drysuit theory for those wanting to start drysuit training. Please let me know if you are interested in this. I already have Will and Devin on my list.

So, this week:

Charles will do OS2 with Jaene

Tim will do OS2 with Paul and John, Matt can observe.

David will do OS3 with Dane

Alexis will do OS3 with Mick

Chris will work with Baher on whatever he wants to cover. I think both Wayne and Will are keen to get some practice in this week so can join in with Baher to do CBLs etc…

Pam and Sammy will be bringing two trainees from DVD to experience the deep
pool before they embark on open water training.

There should be room enough for at least 2 more pool-signed-off trainees to get some practice in. It’s important in this next month to keep your skills tip top in preparation for the start of the open water season.

I’ll not be at the club this week. Have fun in the pool!


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