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Training plan 1st February

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*Hi all,*

Well, we’re back from our adventures in Bonaire. It’s a long way to go for a week…but it’s really worth it!

Sorry this is a bit late today. I’ve had to post a few questions about how things went last week and I’ve been waiting for replies. This is what I know so far, there may be some juggling on Tuesday!

*In the pool:*

*Chris N *will do a refresher session with Ian Molyneux. (PADI OW qualified but hasn’t dived for 6 years. Wants to find out how rusty he is)

*Nigel* will continue with Dane in the pool.

*Alexis *will work with Mick in the pool. Probably OS2-3

*David * will do OS1 with Paul and John

*Charles* will do a refresher session with Sean who is also a PADI OW qualified diver who hasn’t dived for some years and is looking to join the club.

*Sammy * will do OS5 with Rhiana and Karl

Liam will be coming in for a dive and some practice. He’ll be around to help as a ‘casualty’ if needed. Joanne, there’s still room if you want to come in and practice your skills too…and how about that theory test?


*Rob * will do ST2 for any SD trainees who need it.

*Steve * will do OT6 with Zara and Will

*DC * will do OT5 with Wayne and Eva

I hope that’s everyone covered. Iain, I can organise drysuit training for you when you are ready, just let me know….and that goes for anyone else who would like drysuit training.

See y’all on Tuesday,


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