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Training Plan 19th Dec – last one this year

Waves Shape

Hello All,

For those we don’t see this Tuesday, I hope you all have a great Christmas and a Happy New year.

We are all back in on Tuesday the 9th or possibly the 2nd Jan 2024 – watch this space. As always please let me know if you are not available for this Tuesday


Pool Session
Chris Newsam – Martin Higgins & Isaac Higgins = OS3 Ocean Diver
Dave Corbett – Paul Hatchman & Anton Johnson = OS5 Ocean Diver
David Patchett – Jake Taylor = OS5 – Ocean Diver

Classroom Session
Tim Gledhill – Amy Sanderson “ST3 – sport Diver”
Steve Dearman – James Barker & Charlie Barker = OT1 – Ocean Diver

Nigel Kaye

Ann Bailey
Charles Austin
Gemma Kitchen
Alexis Moreno
Sammy Norton
Paul Tarn
Pam Tarn
Clare Pettinger

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