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Training Plan 18th October

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Hi all,

Sorry for the delay and thanks to all those who sent me get well wishes.

Having been away for two weeks and not getting much feedback (gentle hint) I’m guessing that everything went as planned over the past two weeks. I’m also guessing to some extent which instructors are available this week so if I’ve included anyone in error, let me know before tomorrow and I’ll juggle things as necessary.

*In the pool:*

*David* will do OS1 with James (snorkeling already done)

*Chris *will do OS3 with Steve T

*Rob *will do OS4 with Louis (again, perhaps Bryan and/or Andy would like to join in here to practice out-of-air and AS lift in preparation for open water?)

Plenty of room in the pool for anyone wanting to practice.

*In the room:*

*Tim* will start drysuit training with Steve B. Bring your drysuit in Steve in case you end up going in the pool…not sure if you’ve done the theory or not?.

*Ann* will do OT4 with Ben and Daniel (assuming Ben feels well enough)

*Dave C *will do OT2 with Michael

*Nigel *will do ST2 with the Sports Diver trainees…Finley, Will, Zara

*Paul T *will, I think, be doing Dive Leader training with Adrian and Mick.

I looked into the introductory lesson for the Advanced Ocean Diver (AOD) course whilst away last week. It’s a very long lesson so I think it should be split into two evenings. I’ll get that started next week for Jo and anyone else who feels the AOD is a better bet for them than the full SD course. Those mentioned above doing the full SD course need not attend the AOD introduction.

Lastly, the open water session on the 30th October, barring really foul weather, will go ahead. I’ll send out an email about that before this weekend. Please let me know if you want to be included and haven’t spoken to me yet.

See you all soon,


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