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Training Plan 16th August

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Hi all,

I guess you’re all sweltering in Barnsley today! We’re in sunny Saltburn-by-the-Sea where the sea fret rolls in every morning and together with the sea breeze, keeps the temperature down to a comfortable 25 degrees, wonderful!! Paul T will be jealous!

We’ll be back by Tuesday so everything back to normal with the training plan:

*In the pool:*

*Nigel * will do OS5 with Andy

*Charles * will look after our try-diver, Ben Norfolk

*David* will do a scuba refresher with Brian Bell

*Sammy * will do rescue skills practice with Seth and Jo and there is plenty of space in the pool for anyone else who wants to get wet to practice, test kit or just for fun. If you do decide you’d like to go in the pool, rather than letting me know, I’ve realised it’s best if you let Adrian know directly so the EOs can get your kit ready for you. Adrian’s email is tractorshed@talktalk.net.

*In the room:*

*Alexis * will do OT1 with Steve T and Louis

*Chris* will do OT3 with Bryan

And I think that’s it. I hope everyone has a good day tomorrow at Capernwray, enjoy the diving and keep safe. Please let me know how you all get on.


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