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Training Plan 12th April

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Hi all,

Another fairly busy week with lots of preparations for open water going on. I’m on holiday in the depths of the Herefordshire countryside this week so Dave H will be there to look after the try-divers.

*In the pool:*

*Charles and Nigel * will look after our try divers, Liz Woolley and her son who is 12 (but I’m assured is strong enough to manage a SCUBA)

*Alexis * will work with *Leonie * and *Will*. Leonie is coming back after a couple of month’s break so needs a general skills refresher. Will wants to do the same but with hood and gloves.

*Tim * will continue with *Paul and John* OS3/4

*Rob * will do drysuit training with *Tony and Devin* (and possibly *Iain*)

*Chris * will start OS1 with *Seth*

*In the room:*

*Paul * will do OT6 with *Karl, Mick, Rhiana and Dane *(Karl and Mick, I know you are both missing OT5 but we’ll get that finished next time)

There is plenty of space in the pool for others who want to work on doing skills with hoods and gloves….the more practice the better. If you’ve already had a go at this and you’re pool signed off, you’re fine to go in the water without an instructor just to practice, especially if you can buddy up with someone. If you are on your own, please make sure you buddy check with one of the equipment officers before you go in the water.

Have fun everyone and I’ll see you next week,


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