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Waves Shape

Saturday the 11th June at Capenwray will be a date to remember for Curtis Holmes and George Robson who both qualified as Ocean Divers.

George had previously struggled with his buoyancy but with the help of Rob Mason he dropped 8 kilos and discovered that dredging is not part of diving and so completed his 2nd dive of the day with no problems to qualify.
Curtis needed 3 dives to qualify and completed the necessary skills without any problems ‘saving’ his dad’s life (Doug, Ocean Diver) twice in the process. He qualified by leading a perfect navigation dive for his buddies Doug and Paul and can now dive with his dad on their holidays in a couple of weeks time.

Congratulations to both of you.

Thanks to Hong who helped Rob and also practiced DSMB release and Cherry who provided shore cover and now has a job for life. Also thanks to the Instructors Rob Mason and Paul Richardson.

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