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Boat Handling – Hold the dates – April 2023

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Hi All – the boat handling arrangements are moving at pace! There has been a good response and we will definitely run the course. The proposed dates are:

  • Boat Handling Theory – Saturday 1st April at the function room in the Commercial Pub in Chapeltown, Sheffield.
  • Boat Handling Practical – Weekend of 15th/16th April at Whitby Marina.

I have been asked about non-divers doing this course. The short answer is, yes this is fine, but they will have to join BSAC in some capacity (perhaps as a snorkel member).

Pam is pulling training packs together as they are currently on offer (25% discount).

We don’t yet have full pricing, but based on last years cost, this will be approx £180 (excludes accommodation and travel).

The course is great fun and qualifies you operate PaulT’s boat “Bluefin” (currently serving our club divers up in Largs). The course is split into two parts, a theory lesson followed by practical boat handling out at Whitby (requires a Friday and Saturday night stay in Whitby). The boat handling weekend contains two days of practical skills including high-speed driving, slow-speed manoeuvring, anchoring and coming alongside. You will develop your overall seamanship skills, including voyage planning, essential rules of the road and learn the actions to take in an emergency.

Any existing Boat Handlers are welcome to join for a refresher fee to cover boat costs.

Save the dates and watch this space!


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