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7th March Training plan

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Hello All,


Below is next Tuesday training plan, if you cant see it or open it, its also available through our website page as well. Failing that email me and i will send you an attachment.

*I would greatly appreciate confirmation of your attendance or your response that you are not able to attend, this helps us to shuffle things around to accommodate late changes.*


1. Our 1st openwater session is running on the 12th March by Rob at 8 Acres. This is only open to sports divers with drysuits. Please contact Rob direct for confirmation on attendance.

2. Many of you will be ready to attend either Capernwray or 8 Acres in the coming months after completing your pool and class room training. It would help greatly if you could at least pencil in dates for you attendance.

Rob will be running a pool refresher session this week. currently there is 3 people attending (see plan) there could be space for a couple more people (1st come)

Training Officer (in training)

March 7th 2023 Pool Classroom
Name(s) Lesson Name(s) Lesson
Tim Gledhill Zara Hardcastle
Will Rutter
Mick McPherson
Finley Isherwood ST4/2
Rob Mason David Hook
Humphrey Sherwood
Tony Rouse Pool refresher training
Chris Newsam Maddi Martin OS3
Dave Corbett ? ? ? ?
David Patchett Aiden Van Veen OS1
Ann Bailey Jacob Wardle
Jacob Broomfield
Stuart Hartley
Scott Brewster

Jo Evershed OT1

Steve Dearman Samantha Devoy TryDive
Nigel Kaye Olly Devoy TryDive
Charles Austin
Gemma Kitchen Gemma to shadow Tim
Alexis Moreno
Sammy Norton Josh (ear issue) Dearne Practice
Paul Tarn Esme Hays
Andy Walton ST2/
upto slide 16
Pam Tarn Helen Parker
Anya Backhouse DT12

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