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Training plan Tuesday 11th June 2024

9th June 2024

Training plan for Tuesday 4th June

1st June 2024

Training Plan Tuesday 28th May 2024

27th May 2024

Training plan for Tuesday 21st May 2024

19th May 2024

Training plan for Tuesday 14th May

11th May 2024

Training plan for Tuesday 7th May

5th May 2024

Training plan for Tuesday 30th April

27th April 2024

Update to Training plan for Tuesday 23rd April

23rd April 2024

Training plan 23rd April 2024

20th April 2024

Training plan 16th April 2024

13th April 2024

Traiing plan for 9th April 2024

7th April 2024

Training plan for 2nd April 2024

31st March 2024

Training Plan for 26th March 2024

24th March 2024

Training Plan for Tuesday 19th March 2024

16th March 2024

Training Plan for 12th March 2024

10th March 2024

Largs 8/9th March – Cancelled very bad weather forecast

5th March 2024

Training Plan for Tuesday 5th March

3rd March 2024

Isle of Skye trip still available

2nd March 2024

Isle of Skye trip – deadline exended

2nd March 2024

Training Plan Tuesday 27th Feb 2025

25th February 2024

Isle of Skye trip resurrected

19th February 2024

Training plan for 20th Feb – Meet RIGBY Room

19th February 2024

Training Plan for Tuesday 13th Feb 2024

11th February 2024

Training Plan for 6th Feb 2024

5th February 2024

AGM Update

31st January 2024

AGM 7:45 in the Boardroom Tuesday 30th Jan

28th January 2024

We are meeting in the Rigby Bar tonight – 23rd Jan

23rd January 2024

Training plan 2nd Jan 2024 and a look forward

31st December 2023

Open Water Training 2024

20th December 2023

Training Plan 19th Dec – last one this year

18th December 2023

XMAS Social this Tuesday – No Training

3rd December 2023

Tuesday 1st August training plan

31st July 2023

Training Plan

31st July 2023

Capernwray 20th August

28th July 2023

25th July Training

24th July 2023

Delay In Training Plan

23rd July 2023

18th July Training Changes – Instructors Please Note

18th July 2023

18th July 2023 Training Plan

16th July 2023

Training plan for 11th July 2023

9th July 2023

V2 training plan 4th July

3rd July 2023

Training Plan 4th July

2nd July 2023

27th June Training

26th June 2023

Tuesday 20th June training plan

18th June 2023

Nitrox training Tuesday 6th – cancelled

12th June 2023

Training 13th June & Capernwray

11th June 2023

Updated training plan 6th June

6th June 2023

Training 6th June 2023

4th June 2023

training plan 30th May 2023

28th May 2023

Potential Dive Trip – Isle of Arran – Sunday 9th June – Friday 14th June 2024

25th May 2023

Revised training plan 23rd May 23

22nd May 2023

23rd May 2023 training plan

21st May 2023

16th May Training plan revised

16th May 2023

16th May training plan

14th May 2023

Training plan for the 16th

14th May 2023

Open water training at Capernwray 13th and 14th May

7th May 2023

Training Plan 9th May

7th May 2023

Training Plan 2nd May

30th April 2023

April 25th Training plan

23rd April 2023

Congratulations Ben Norfolk – Ocean Diver!

22nd April 2023

Resus Annie Training part of ST2 & SP1 of Sports Divers

20th April 2023

18th April Training plan

16th April 2023

Boat Handling at Whitby

15th April 2023

Open Water Training – Capernwray – 22-23 April

12th April 2023

Tuesday 11th April training plan

9th April 2023

First Aid for Divers – In-house SDC Expressions of interest

6th April 2023

Training 4th April 2023

2nd April 2023

Drysuit Evening – Tuesday 4th April

30th March 2023

Dive Trip – Isle of Skye – 7th-14th Sept 2024

28th March 2023

Training plan 28th March 2023

26th March 2023

Diving St Abbs Marine Reserve – 3 SPACES

20th March 2023

21st March Training Plan

19th March 2023

OpenWater training dates

15th March 2023

Dive Trip – Truk & Coron Proposal

15th March 2023

Training Plan 14th March

12th March 2023

Happy 30th Birthday us!

6th March 2023

7th March Training plan

4th March 2023

Feb 28th February training plan

26th February 2023

Training at Barnsley and Open water dates

23rd February 2023

Revision – Training Tuesday 21st February V2

20th February 2023

Training Tuesday 21st February

19th February 2023

February 14th 2023 training plan

12th February 2023

Scapa Flow – May 27 to June 3

11th February 2023

Two Pink Ladies

6th February 2023

Training Plan 7th February 2023

4th February 2023

Diver Workshop

25th January 2023

Training Plan 24th January

21st January 2023

Barnsley BSAC – Diver Workshops

17th January 2023

Introducing Gemma Kitchen – Instructor

16th January 2023

Diving presentation Tuesday 17th January

15th January 2023

Training Plan January 10th

8th January 2023

Training Plan 3rd January 2023

1st January 2023

Xmas Awards – Ann Bailey, Adrian Ward and Mick Gwilliam – Congrats!

21st December 2022

Christmas Social 20th December

18th December 2022

Training Plan 13th December and Christmas Social 20th December

11th December 2022

Training Plan 6th December

4th December 2022

Dive Leader Training

29th November 2022

Congratulations Rhiana Boid – Ocean Diver!

28th November 2022

Training Plan 29th November

27th November 2022

Diving Trip – Plymouth – August 2023

25th November 2022

Diving Trip – Egypt – Oct 2023

25th November 2022

Diving Trip – Eyemouth & St Abbs – June 24/25

23rd November 2022

Congratulations Andy Walton – Ocean Diver!

22nd November 2022

Congratulations Mick Gwilliam – Dive Leader!

22nd November 2022

Training plan 22nd November

20th November 2022

Training plan 15th November

13th November 2022

Boat Handling – Hold the dates – April 2023

11th November 2022

***Farne Islands Diving Trips 2023***

10th November 2022

Training plan 8th November

5th November 2022

Winter Diving Programme – Largs

25th October 2022

Training plan 25th October

23rd October 2022

Training Plan 18th October

17th October 2022

Congratulations Dave Corbett – Asst. Open Water Instructor!

10th October 2022

Training plan 11th October

9th October 2022

Congratulations Jo, Ocean Diver!

5th October 2022

Training Plan 4th October

1st October 2022

Congratulations Dane Noble & Leonie Richards – Ocean Divers!

26th September 2022

Training Plan 27th September

25th September 2022

Training plan 20th September

18th September 2022

Training Plan 13th September

11th September 2022

Congratulations Jaene Booth – Ocean Diver!

7th September 2022

Sitrep – Summer Isles 2022

6th September 2022

Congratulations Dave and Helen!

5th September 2022

Congratulations John Crowther and Paul le Gallez

4th September 2022

Training plan 6th September

4th September 2022

Training Plan 30th August

28th August 2022

Training Plan 23rd August

21st August 2022

Training Plan 16th August

13th August 2022

Training Plan 9th August

7th August 2022

Congratulations Will Rutter – Ocean Diver!

1st August 2022

Training plan 2nd August

31st July 2022

Training plan 26th July

24th July 2022

Training plan 19th July and Open Water 31st July

16th July 2022

Training plan 12th July

10th July 2022

Kit Night – Tuesday 12th July

6th July 2022

Training Plan 5th July

2nd July 2022

Training Plan

26th June 2022

Dive Trip – Sound of Mull 2023

23rd June 2022

Training Plan 21st June

19th June 2022

Egypt Roots Camp – Oct 2022

15th June 2022

Congratulations Wayne Kilner – Ocean Diver!

12th June 2022

Training Plan 14th June

12th June 2022

New Equipment Team Member

9th June 2022

Training Plan 7th June

5th June 2022

Training Plan 31st May

29th May 2022

Congratulations to Trevor

18th May 2022

Congratulations Alexis – 2021 BSAC Open Water Instructor Award!

18th May 2022

Congratulations MickP and HelenP

15th May 2022

Training Plan 17th May 2022

15th May 2022

Farne Islands Trip 16th-17th July 2022

13th May 2022

Potential Malta Trip – June 2023

12th May 2022

Training Plan 26th April

24th April 2022

Top Marks for Dane Noble!

20th April 2022

Training plan 19th April

17th April 2022

Open Water Training next weekend 23rd and 24th April

16th April 2022

Training Plan 12th April

9th April 2022

Winter Diving Largs 22/23

6th April 2022

Training Plan 5th April

3rd April 2022

Introducing Matt White – Assistant Instructor

1st April 2022

Start of Open Water training and preparation for it

1st April 2022

St Abbs – Easter 2022 Diving

31st March 2022

Training Plan 29th March

27th March 2022

Training Plan 22nd March

20th March 2022

Dive club meeting Tuesday 15th March

13th March 2022

Training Plan 8th March

6th March 2022

Training plan 1st March

27th February 2022

Training plan 22nd February

20th February 2022

Training Plan 15th February

13th February 2022

Training Plan 8th February

5th February 2022

Scapa Flow Spaces – May 2022

4th February 2022

Training plan 1st February

30th January 2022

Lots of lovely turtles

27th January 2022

News from Bonaire

24th January 2022

Fabulous fishes of Bonaire

23rd January 2022

Training Plan 25th January

23rd January 2022

Alexis – Diver of the Year & Clubman award!

19th January 2022

Save-a-Dive Workshop – 21st Feb 2023

9th January 2022

Training Plan 11th January

9th January 2022

Training plan 4th Jan 2022

1st January 2022

Happy New Year from BBD!

1st January 2022

Congratulations Alexis Moreno – Open Water Instructor!

3rd December 2021

Congratulations Liam Woodhall – Ocean Diver!

1st December 2021

Congratulations Devin Kellett – Ocean Diver!

10th October 2021

Congratulations Alexis Moreno – Assistant Open Water Instructor!

27th September 2021

Congratulations Tony Rouse & Will Hodgson – Ocean Divers!

3rd September 2021

Congratulations Alexis Moreno – Dive Leader!

1st September 2021

Congratulations Anya, Adam, Josh and Ryan – Ocean Divers!

19th July 2021

Congratulations Lee Saunders & Humphrey Sherwood

27th June 2021

Congratulation Rhys Isherwood – Ocean Diver

7th June 2021


5th June 2021

Congratulations George & Henry

24th May 2021


28th January 2021

Congratulations Trevor Bailey – Clubman Trophy Winner!

24th January 2020

Congratulations Ann Bailey – Diver of the Year!

18th December 2019

Congratulations Abbie Jenkinson – Ocean Diver!

13th December 2019

Congratulations Nigel Kaye – Theory Instructor!

11th December 2019

Congratulations Andy Jenkinson – Ocean Diver!

4th December 2019

Congratulations Mackenzie Batley – Ocean Diver

16th October 2019

Congratulations Ioannis Katsifarakis – Ocean Diver

9th October 2019

Congratulations Dominik Szűcs – Ocean Diver

5th October 2019

Congratulations Will Booth – Sports Diver

2nd October 2019

Congratulations Callum Ellwood – Sports Diver

26th September 2019

Congratulations Cameron Austin – Sports Diver

21st September 2019

Congratulations Mate Szucs – Ocean Diver

15th June 2019

Congratulations Suze Robinson – Open Water Instructor

21st May 2019

Congratulations Ann Bailey – Theory Instructor

20th May 2019

Congratulations Mark Slater – Open Water Instructor

14th May 2019

Congratulations Alexis & Charles

24th March 2019

Congratulations Callum Elwood!

15th September 2018

Congratulations Josh Reeve – Ocean Diver!

17th August 2018

Congratulations Helen Parker – Sports Diver!

17th August 2018

Congratulations Elliot Lajarige – Sports Diver!

14th August 2018

Congratulations Matt & Ellie – Ocean Divers!

14th August 2018

Congratulations Daniel Stephenson – Ocean Diver!

11th August 2018

Congratulations Alastair Sheraton – Sports Diver!

11th August 2018

Well done Shaz! Ocean Diver!!

10th August 2018

Well done George – Ocean Diver!

29th July 2018

Congratulations Alexis – Sports Diver!

8th July 2018

Congratulations Suzey – Theory Instructor!

4th April 2018

Congratulations Adrian – Sports Diver!

11th January 2018


15th November 2017

Congratulations Suzey!

15th October 2017

Double Congratulations

8th October 2017

Congratulations Will Booth – Ocean Diver!

17th June 2017

Congratulations Adrian and Elliott

13th December 2016

Congratulations Will Leach

27th November 2016


14th September 2016

Congratulations to James Kenyon

7th July 2016


12th June 2016

Congratulations James, Grant, Amy and Mike!

2nd February 2016

Congratulations Suzey

31st October 2015

Congratulations Doug & Iona

17th August 2015

Congratulations Debbie and Kelly

11th July 2015

Congratulations to PaulR

18th May 2015

Congratulations Tuesday 18th Nov

14th November 2014

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