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New Dive Site – Ellerton

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If any one fancies a different venue for a couple of dives then how about trying Ellerton Water Park.

This site is just off the A1 above Catterick postcode DL10 6AD about 11/2 hours from Barnsley.

Entry is £6 and you just turn up on the day. It is open from 8am onwards. There are toilets on site and also set up benches but no air fills so take enough cylinders.

The 10 metre deep lake is “divided” into 2 sections. One for divers and swimmers the other for boat users. Neither is permitted into the others section. The lake is an old gravel pit and is served by water from springs. It outflows into the river. Talking to the owner he states that vis is generally good but is disturbed by trainees. It clears quickly so after a Saturday it is clear by Sunday morning.

In the lake are a couple of cars, a van, some pipes for swim through, a yacht and a couple of other boats, there are also several training platforms at various depths. i have a basic map but it needs the bearings added so that we can find objects easily. Anyone fancy that task?

There is a cafe which belongs to the same owners and a small garden centre just down the lane from the lake. The other side of the lake is a caravan site. It is an attractive site with some grassed areas good for a picnic.

I will probably organise a trip there soon

Cheers Paul


Please please check all your equipment before diving in open water. Is it in test??????

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